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Project Crossroads

CREATED: September 28, 1999
SUMMARY: This special report details a crossroads in The Home Robot Project.   Is it time for a new robot?  A new Albert?

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Behavioral Control

CREATED: August 20, 1999
SUMMARY: My preliminary plans for implementing a behavior control system. Includes limited examples and some pseudo code.

Speak, Albert, Speak

CREATED: June 30, 1999
SUMMARY: This article describes Albert's text-to-speech capabilities, and I have included source code to show how I've implemented the speech routines.

Robot Programming 101

CREATED: June 22, 1999
Updated: June 22, 1999
SUMMARY: I'll be updating this report frequently, as it contains my 'C' and VB source code.

Albert's Five Ears

CREATED: May 15, 1999
SUMMARY: I've received some questions about how I plan to use Albert's five sonar sensors.  This article will briefly describe my preliminary thoughts and ideas.  I'll followup with more details once I've had a chance to do some actual experimentation.

A Model for Mood-Based Robot Behaviors

CREATED: March 12, 1999
SUMMARY:  I have developed a "mood matrix" to help give Albert a personality,  This article describes that matrix, and how his moods will be affected by his environment and actions.

Are There Practical Uses for a Home Robot Today?

CREATED: January 23, 1999
SUMMARY:  This article explores some of the differences between "useful" robots and "practical" robots.