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Study Albert, a home-built robot with a laptop brain, and read about some popular robot kits!

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Meet an amazing home robot that mixes the best of two worlds.
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Robotics Mini-FAQ
This list of "Frequently Asked Questions" is a great starting place for new robot builders and enthusiasts to learn more about this exciting hobby.

Robotics FAQ
The official robotics FAQ is a larger, more comprehensive listing of indexed information on robots, microcontrollers, manufacturers, contests, development environments, and more.

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Robot Clubs and Organizations:

The Seattle Robotics Society
The Seattle Robotics Society is one of the oldest and most respected robot "clubs" in the world. The website has some great information for robot builders.

The Dallas Personal Robotics Group
The DPRG is an amazing bunch of robot builders and enthusiasts in the Dallas area.

The Robot Group
Another group in Texas that has been responsible for some pretty remarkable robots.

Pre-Built Robots:

Probotics, Inc. (Cye)
Cye is the most capable and least expensive home robot you can buy. This amazing 'bot can navigate to any room in your home or office, and will automatically find and dock with a charger when his battery is running low.

Gecko Systems (Carebot) (Link is dead)
The Carebot is a large, wheeled robot with a scanning sonar sensor.  Like Cye it uses a radio link to your home computer.

General Robotics (RB5X educational robot)
The RB5X is primarily used by High Schools and Universities to teach about robotics and robot programming.  It is rather expensive ($3500.00) so not many are sold as home robots.

Arrick Robotics (Trilobot)
The Trilobot has a dizzying array of sensors: sonar, temperature, tilt, digital compass, moisture, touch, and more.

This site is a virtual museum of home robots! (Most are no longer sold.)

A home robot from the makers of the Pioneer research robot line.

Homepage for a new robot that can be connected to the Internet.  This robot can even climb stairs!

Friendly Robotics
Makers of the RL500 "RoboMow" robotic lawnmower.

Robot Kits and Supplies:

Lego Mindstorms
This is a great way for beginners to get started.  Surprisingly, there are as many adults building robots with this set as kids.  Do a search for "Mindstorms" and you will find countless links to sensors, programming languages, etc.

Mr. Robot
Primary retailer for excellent line of Talrik robots and kits.

This online manufacturer sells robot kits ranging from wheeled bases, to multi-legged walkers.

Arrick Robotics
Roger Arrick and his company sell the sensor rich "Trilobot" and a great robot killed called the "ARobot".

Mondo-Tronics (The Robot Store)
Great online reseller offering everything from pre-built robots to robot kits.

This retailer focuses on BEAM robot kits.  (BEAM robots are traditionally solar powered and do not include microcontrollers.)

AK Peters
This online book seller publishes "Mobile Robots: From Inspiration to Implementation" which is sure to be found in nearly every robot builders library.

RugWarrior E-Group
This online community supports the Rug Warrior Pro.  A great resource!

Publishers of the Palm Pilot Robot kit, as well as lots of robot equipment and parts.

Cool Robots and Robot Sites:

Honda's Amazing Humanoid Robot
Though it will never be used in the home, this "android" is an amazing display of mechanics, electronics, and programming.

The Robot Menu
Over 100 home-built robots are on display here.

Alan McDonley's Page
Alan has some cool information about robots on his website.

NEC R100 Robot
This cool robot from Japan (not available yet) can talk, recognize faces, turn on/off appliances and more!