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Is There a Robot In Your Future?
The dictionary says a robot is "a mechanical device for performing a task which might otherwise be done by a human". Yet despite this utilitarian birthright robots have captured our hearts and imaginations for years.

Who can forget R2D2, Johnny 5 and others?

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But as we enter a new millenium many are wondering, "Where are all the robots?"

The personal robot revolution is coming, but it may be a little different than what you expected.

Home Robots Today:                 

Cye.jpg (17342 bytes)
Cye with wagon - Probotics, Inc.
(Photo Courtesy Neoforma Design)

Cye, from Probotics, Inc., is the first practical home robot. It won't make your bed or take out the trash, but it will haul things from room to room, vacuum unattended, and it can find and dock with a charger when its battery is getting low!

If you want to know more about Cye, click here.

Over the next few years, entertainment and education will also make  robots valuable members of many  households.

Sony's "Aibo" is a surprisingly lifelike home robot that looks and acts like a dog; and their remarkable new "SDR-3X" humanoid robot recently wowed audiences at a consumer robot show in Japan!  Click here for a short article and a video!

SDR-3X.jpg (11796 bytes)
Sony's SDR-3X

What about Androids?
android.jpg (4819 bytes) Contrary to science fiction, the domestic robots in our future will likely be dedicated to only a few tasks. We won’t need a mechanical person to take out the trash and vacuum the house, we’ll have a robotic garbage can and a robot vacuum cleaner, instead.
The most advanced android in the world is Honda's remarkable "Asimo", which can walk like a human being, and even climb stairs! 

These robots will mainly be used for factory work and will someday replace humans on dangerous jobs or tedious assembly lines.

Asimo.jpg (8993 bytes)
Honda's Asimo

Further Reading:

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What's New?
I've had several people ask about my path planning algorithm.  Click here to download the program and source.  

You'll also find a brief explanation of how it works.  A* and Djikstra's algorithms are much better, but this one is really simple to implement.)

Click here for a list of the programs I used when developing Cybert's software.

Several people have asked to look at my source code for Cybert.  I have uploaded the latest version to the Cybert Programming page.

Also, I ordered an I-Cybie yesterday as an early anniversary present (for me).  It's not exactly an AIBO -- but it's pretty damn close.  (And about a thousand dollars less expensive).

Time for a break.  Details in the Cybert log.

Despite the lack of updates, I've spent all my spare time working on Cybert.  Details in the log.

I have updated the Cybert log with two areas of concern.

Cybert videos are now online!  Click here to check them out!

Cybert's hardware is finished, and I finally have some STORIES to tell!  Check out the log for details.

I've got a new project at work so my progress on Cybert has been a bit slow lately.  There's an update in the project log.

Arrgh.  Why do you always find the things you want when you have stopped looking for them? Details in the log.

Also, check out the:  Cybert status report.

I'm working on some navigation code for Cybert.  Details in the log.

My wonderful daughter decided that she wanted a video capture card for Christmas.  Naturally, I thought this was a GREAT idea because it also means I'll be able to post movies of Cybert!  Coming soon!

I've been playing around with some programs to help Cybert deliver up-to-the-minute news, weather, sports scores, etc.  You'll find info and links in the new Cybert Log entry.

There's a new log entry that describes my attempts to attach Cybert's radio transmitter to an AC power source.