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Cye ships with an extensive and well documented .OCX that allows programmers to create new behaviors in "C++" or Visual Basic.  There are dozens of properties and events, and over 35 methods to choose from.  Some of the methods are pretty sophisticated.  You can, for example, move Cye near his charger, then call a method that handles all of the docking.

You currently cannot interface your programs with MapNZap, but Probotics is
planning to add more commands and control to the .OCX.

Here is a list of properties, events, and methods from the cyecom.hlp file:  (I'll have more information on Cye programming soon)


BatteryLevel Property
CommState Property
CyePath X Property
CyePath Y Property
Heading Property
LeftCurrent Property
LeftVelocity Property
CyePath NumPoints Property
NumRobots Property
RadioLevel Property
ResponseTimeout Property
RetryLimit Property
RightCurrent Property
RightVelocity Property
Version Property
X Property
Y Property



AddToHeading Method
AddToPosition Method
CornerCalibrate Method
FindHomeBase Method
FollowPath Method
GetCommPort Method
LoadPathSegment Method
MoveCurve Method
MoveDirection Method
MoveTo Method
Pause Method
PowerDown Method
RequestExternalInput Method
RequestState Method
Resume Method
SendMessage Method
SetBuzzerFrequency Method
SetBuzzerOn Method
SetCommPort Method
SetEnableObstacleBounce Method
SetExternalOutput Method
SetFeelingMotor Method
SetFlipHandle Method
SetHandleLength Method
SetHeadingCorrectionFactor Method
SetHeadingDestination Method
SetIntermittentBeep Method
SetMaxSpeed Method
SetMotorControlConstants Method
SetObstacleSensitivity Method
SetPosition Method
SetPWM Method
SetRAMData Method
SetRobotOnSeconds Method
SetWheelVelocities Method
SquareToWall Method
Stop Method
TurnTo Method



BatteryChargingStateChange Event
BatteryLow Event
CommStateChange Event
ExternalInput Event
NewPathSegmentRequest Event
NudgeDetected Event
ObstacleDetected Event
OnHomeBase Event
RadioLevelChange Event
RobotError Event
RobotOn Event
RobotOnTime Event
RobotStatusChange Event
SoftwareRevNumber Event
TaskResult Event
UnknownMessage Event