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This brief review describes how Cye works.
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Learn about Cye's amazing ability to navigate.

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Discover how easy it is to program Cye.
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Don't take my word for it, read these reviews.

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Check out the manufacturer's website!
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See pictures and videos of Cye in action.

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Want to Buy Your Own Cye?

  You can order your very own Cye from Probotics, Inc.

Standard Cye
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The standard Cye includes home base, charger, radio modem, and software program.

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Cye-Sr has faster modems and can be controlled by clapping.

Cye-Sr Package
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Includes a Cye-Sr ($845.00), a Hoover cordless CyeVac ($129.00), and a   wagon ($89.00).


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You can buy a Hoover CyeVac ($129.00) for unattended cleaning.
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Cye's wagon ($89.00) can be used to haul up to 10 pounds of "stuff".

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Additional radio pods  can be ordered. ($165.00)

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You can add a new home base for only $29.00

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You can buy this
chrome Cye from
Hammacher Schlemmer

My Cye
After researching and playing around with home robots for years I finally decided to get a Cye.  I can now safely say that it is the best and most affordable home robot on the market. Discover some of the reasons why:

Cye is an Amazing Navigator
FACT:  Cye is the only home robot that can reliably find and dock with a charger.

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(Photo courtesy Alan McDonley)

Cye uses the corner near his homebase to zero out errors that   have accumulated during his journey. To find out more about Cye's unparalleled navigational capabilities, click here.
Cye is Affordable
FACT: Cye is less than half the cost of its closest competition.

Until home robots can be mass produced, they will be fairly expensive.  Still, I love the fact that Cye is much less than other, less capable robots:

Robot Price Capabilities
Cye $695.00 Can navigate to any room in a home or office, and will dock with charger.  Small and fast.
Carebot $2595.00 Uses a scanning sonar to avoid most obstacles, but cannot find and dock with charger. Large size limits mobility.
RB5X $3495.00 Includes a sonar and voice, but cannot navigate from room to room.
Trilobot $1900.00 Can't navigate from room to room or find charger.   Offers LOTS of sensors, but has trouble with thick carpet.
PeopleBot $5995.00 Navigates fairly well and can avoid most obstacles. More expensive models offer voice and other capabilities.
Cye is Entertaining
FACT:  Cye is just plain fun.

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Helping Cye learn his environment is pretty enjoyable.  And watching him navigate down hallways and through open doors, then dock with his charger you would almost swear he was alive.  (Of course, the most fun is watching a crowd of people at work gawk at your robot!) 
Cye Can Vacuum the House
FACT:  Cye will reliably vacuum every room in a home or office, at any time of day or night!



Cye's new Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner will keep the carpets clean even if you aren't at home. It charges when the robot does, so it will vacuum completely unattended!
Cye is Programmable
FACT:  Cye can be programmed in Microsoft's Visual Basic or C++!

The "MapNZap" software that comes with Cye is very powerful, but also quite easy to use.  With just a few clicks of the mouse you'll have the robot going from room to room, playing tunes, hauling dishes, vacuuming, and more.

Probotics has been kind enough to include their .OCX for VB or C++ programmers.  Over 50 commands are available, including powerful methods to do things like dock with the charger.  The external port can also be programmed for input or output.

Cye is Expandable
FACT:  Additional sensors and motors can be added to Cye.
Cye's external port (right) will soon be able to accept a microcontroller known as a Handy Board.  This will allow hobbyists to attach numerous sensors, motors, LEDs, and more!

(photo courtesy Alan McDonley)

Cye is Educational
Playing with Cye is a great way to learn about the exciting world of robots and robotics! Kids and adults alike will learn about navigation, ded reckoning, simple programming (or complex if so desired), mapping, and more.

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