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The Albert Project Homepage.
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Follow Albert's progress.
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Read the long term project goals.
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Read the short term project goals.
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Enjoy pictures of Albert, taken during development.
 buttblue.jpg (750 bytes) Albert's Five Ears
Read this report about Albert's sonar sensors.
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Read this report about Albert's low level and high level code.
 buttblue.jpg (750 bytes) Speak, Albert, Speak
Read this report about Albert's text-to-speech ability.
 buttblue.jpg (750 bytes) Mood-Based Behaviors
Read this report about Albert's "Mood Matrix".

The Albert Project

Welcome to the Albert Project.   I created this website to record my ideas, thoughts, and experiments as I attempt to give a home robot pet-like (and even human-like) behaviors.

albert.jpg (10365 bytes) The information you will find on these pages is mostly non-technical and generally focuses on robot programming rather than construction. The site was designed for robot lovers and amateur robot designers, but I hope it will also appeal to experienced enthusiasts looking for inspiration, new ideas, or applications for their own robot projects. 

Overall Project Goals

Have fun while learning about all aspects of robotics!

Explore some 'practical' applications for a small home robot.

Create behaviors so entertaining and life-like that Albert is perceived as "one of the family" by my wife and ten year old daughter.