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Seattle's Space Needle
  • Retired Navy Captain and Destroyer Skipper (at least twice, XO twice)
  • Vietnam veteran
  • Actor (well, ham. anyway!) Stage, screen, radio--plays, TV/radio commercials and voice-overs. SAG and AFTRA.
  • Writer (English/American Lit Major at Brown University--doesn't that count?)
  • Singer(?) Shower+University Pres Church, Seattle--frequently on pitch)
  • Husband (of my love, Barbara JoAnn (Sunnie) Blumenschein Felt)
  • Father Victoria, Kathryn, Jan, Brent, that I know of {joke!})
  • All of the above, not necessarily in that order, and more!

    Seattle's Space Needle sans rain!--->--->--->--->

    The real Joe

    <----This is Joe, destroyerman and searcher for lost history.

    The REAL Captain of the House!
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    The Real Captain

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    The original USS Texas! (Circa 1898--Great White Fleet)

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