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2/4/01 Paul Wieloszynski paulw@ Keep up the good work!!
2/19/01 j.dotey jd1234@ WOW!
2-21-01 Linda Rode LGRODE@ I am the daughter of Ellis J Parkins(Tex) who served as a gunner's mate from 1938 until 1958 and retired from the fleet reserve in 1958. He served aboard the, USS Oklahoma, USS Selfridge, USS Fox, Uss Boxer, USS Brown, USS J C Butler and the USS Marsh. He passed away in 1989.
2/24/01 Kenneth Carlson kingdogcharlie@ I'm looking
2/25/01 Earl G.Burgmann Sr. EGB210@ Served on the USS Bigelow from '61 thru '64,was one of the Ship Cooks,was a pleasure to serve under you for that one year as our XO,you where one of the best. Also does any one remember a ChiefQuarter Master,name Earl G.Morey who was killed on the USS Franklin on March 19,1945 as His name is missing from the Honored Dead of the USS Franlkin.Can anyone help me
10 March 2001 CAPT Jim Brooke NavalOrder@ Great site - Come vist ours -
3-10-01 Elie J. Boucher elieboucher@ Salamonie 57-59
12 Mar 2001 Roger Ege raceege@ served aboard RBA from Sept 58 to Sept 62. RBA was a great ship.
03-15-2001 W.H. Washington whwjr@ Wish you success on your searches.
Mar 16 2001 Walter Smith mn_miner@ I was on the Albert David (DE1050( from Pre-com to Oct 1970. I was also on the Ozbourn (DD846) and Charles F. Adams (DDG2)
3/16 Charles segars csegars@ Help! Need a few questions answered in regards to a movie. 8186952762
3/16 Charles segars csegars@ Looking for a former destroyer capt. to answer plot questions
03/17/01 Mark Trombley dd786@ You'll find many of the photos I took at , this is currently a very rough site but the pics are available.....Mark (EM-2, 71-74)
3-18-01 Greg Richeson greg@ USS Waddell reunion.........
3/20/01 Glen Felt ETC USNR RET glenf @ was on the Anderson in 1963
March - 2001 Philip Sobrane Steamer817@ Served aboard USS Chevalier DD-805 as a BT3 during 66-67-68. Yankee Station & Dixie Station. There's nothing like a Tin Can. Nothing!
March 24, 2001 Richard H. King dickking@ Served aboard DESRON 15 destroyer USS Chevalier DD-805 (1965-1968) as ensign/jg. We have reunions and a newsletter but no web site yet. I also write "sea stories", three of which have been published in Tin Can Sailors.
March 27, 2001 Richard A. Romaniszyn malibubarbie I served aboard the USS. My home port was Newport R.I. I am going to the reunion in Boston on April 28. This is my daughter's e-mail address. I keep in touch with a few of the guys from the Hazelwood. I was recently in Laurinburg, N.C. to visit an ole boiler room buddy from the Hazelwood. HAZELWOOD from 1952-1956.
3-27-2001 charles debow duckie2831@ served on uss dupont dd941 1962-1965 as em3
3/31/01 Michael D. Chance mchanceusn@ HMCS(FMF) USN 1971-1997; USS Robert H. McCard (DD-822) 1977-1980
9April01 Wayne L. Jones great site! Really enjoyed the trip back! I was the CICO onboard ROWAN when we forward deployed to Yoko (10/71 to 3/72)! Thanks for the memories!
4-12-01 jack heasty USS DASHIELL DD659 looking for all who served for reunion!! 20th annual
april 15 2001 frank donovan dear capt joe; us navy 1954 to 1958 uss kyne de 744 you have a greet site also with the DESA & TIN CAN SAILORS ASSOC. best regards capt frank donovan USN BM3
04-19-01 Elliott "Neil" DePoister ETR-2 on RBA 1967-1968
4-24-01 Bobby Williams Captain Joe enjoyed your web page.Iserved aboard the USS Preston DD795 1959-1961 I was a torpedomans mate
3 May 2001 Rick Quijada Looking forward to some sea stories.
May,5,2001 DPeeples My Daddy was a CB man on the U.S.S. Ponchatoula in 1960-1962, he is looking for a reunion, Thanks Donna
5/5/01 glenn stanfill served on the uss braine 53/54 welcome any old mates to contact me.
6 May 2001 Donald E Raby Captain Felt, I am seeking information about RB Anderson during date 21 Nov 1970.
6 May 2001 Donald E Raby I am seeking information about TF-77 and Son Tay Raid. My info has DD 786 as escort for Oriskany.
06May01 Tom Bowes ETCM Served with you in 1973 and remember the our trip on the Anderson to Penang malaysia. Retired as the CMC of VA-52 at NAS Whidbey Is. and now work for the WA. State Dept of Natural Resources. Please let me know how you are doing. My Best always, Tom Bowles
7 May 2001 WW Punshon,CICO '68-69 Looking for a text version of what was piped that a message was coming?) was piped out over the ship's intercom immediately after "Now hear this . . ."
14may01 AD3 John T. Biggs
05/17/01 Rudy G Fuglaar served under you 1971-1973 in after fireroom. I enjoyed the goodtimes and remember the badtimes.
May 27, 2001 clarence king I served on the USS Okanogan 1958-1960 as a corpsman in the sick bay. Would like to hear from old buddies that served then.
5/27/01 Larry Plescher I was on board the John Hood DD655 from 1960 to 62 I was MM 2 forward engine room. Looking for anyone on board with me. This is a great page. My nick name was Laz
6/1/01 Herman J. Edwards served aboard the USS Bausell 1952-1956
June 2, 2001 Richard Robinson
5 june 01 bill clarkson Enjoyed your site Joe.
10 June 2001 Jim Bloomfield Greetings Capt. Felt was on the Dicky B. 72-75 you shipped me over once we were in Yoko in the yards you had an office in the old FTG building got pictures to prove it Ens Carr was my Divo. Got your web site from my good friend Bill Pearl whom I stay in touch with and occasionaly see would like to hear from any old shipmates . I work for moran towing so I still going to sea . Nice web site great chatting with you. Sayonara o-kiotsukete.
6/11/01 Bob Evans Enjoyed being under your command I was looking for pictures of DD786 I was wondering if anyone remembers the picture from the news paper that showed shells falling around the ship and what the date was, anyones help would be nice.
June 11, 2001 CPO Parvell D. Cochran Ret. (Gunner) I retired from the USS McCaffery DD 860 in 1974. I used to get a newsletter but haven't received on for about 5 years. Would love to hear from any old shipmates.
6/14/01 DAVE SAVAGE sta. at JIM CREEK NRS 65 anyone out there?
June 14,2001 Jessica Looking for any info on the USS Cleveland, stationed in the South Pacific during WW2. My grandfather was on it and I just wanted to learn a little about it.
15 JUN 2001 Zona Himmelsbach Just wanted to say hello. My computer picked up that dreadful virus you called Pretty Park back in Nov or so. My son doesn't have it fixed yet; am using my daughter's 'puter.
6/23/01 Grover M. K. O'Hare Great Site

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