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Bill Gates Will Testify


Sometimes  it  may seem every time you think you've got
the fastest computer hardware available, someone comes
along  with something even  sleeker.  Modems  and other
communications  equipment  is  no  different.  Right  over
the horizon several technologies may become  household
terms, much like 56K is today.   Some  of you  may have
already  heard  of   new  ways  to  connect  to the net via
technology  like cable  modems,  MMDS,  xDSL, FDDI
and  ATM.  It's confusing  enough trying  to  sort through which   acronym means what,  let alone what  the benefits and down falls of each   technology is.  More importantly, what  will these  technologies   do for you?  The following links may clear up a few of those questions;

ADSL Forum Home Page
Bell Atlantic ADSL Information
Motorola's Iridium Satellite Project
Cable Modem Information


Bill Gates Will Testify


Netscape  has  released   Communicator 4.05, sporting
speedier Java performance, an updated VRML viewer,
and some mail enhancements.   Download for free from


Bill Gates Will Testify


The Federal Communications Commission is considering
levying fees  paid  by  ordinary long distance firms on the
new breed of  companies offering  the  same service over
theInternet. Read more over at  ZDNet


More Hard Drive Storage?


Legislation    to  restrict   pornography  on   the   Internet,
backed by conservative lawmakers but opposed by civil
libertarians is picking up momentum.  Read Further


ADSL vs. Cable Modems A new statistical   survey estimates that the World Wide
Web contains at least 320 million pages - far more than
previously thought.  More


56K Modems Microsoft's   efforts  to  protect you from spam may be
going too far, blocking e-mail from friends, families and news groups, according  to   analysts and  free-speech advocates.
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